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November 4, 2010

Q: What is your position on getting into escort work? Is it good or bad?

I personally enjoyed what I did a great deal. However, that was not escort work (I did some one-on-one exotic modeling & phone sex), so my experience is second hand, from talking to hundreds of escorts who advertised with Lovings.com.

I don’t think that escort work is in any way evil, immoral or wrong. Quite the opposite. I think it’s a great opportunity to heal and educate people, and spread a little love and intimacy in the world :-).
I do know that you have to have a strong sense of self, common sense and confidence, as well as work discipline and business sense, to succeed in escort work (just like any other self-employed biz, but more so).

The stigma and secrecy attached to escort business makes it very, very stressful. There’s very little support and protection in case something goes horribly wrong - this is not inherent in job itself, but it *is* a very real result of how escorts are treated by the society, families and legal system. The whole Charlie Sheen mess is a sadly good example of what can happen, and Capri Anderson is one of the very few adult entertainers in such situation confident enough to call for help. (Actually, considering how many encounters with total strangers happen during adult work, it’s amazing how few end up badly… sure gives me a feeling that people everywhere are, basically, decent.)

It’s also a job that can make a ton of money on your own schedule. This can be more of a problem than you’d think - people who don’t have other interests, are isolated, and/or don’t have self-discipline, can easily end up spending all or most of it partying, on senseless shopping sprees and drugs. When you can work a day and party the rest of the week, it’s easy to get to a bad place.

It’s definitely NOT a job one should do if they’re feeling they’re forced into it by lack of money or opportunities - that’s a quick way to depression, low self esteem and addiction. Also, I personally know three escorts whose children were taken away by the court system during a nasty divorce, because of their job.

That said, for the right kind of person with a right kind of support, escort work can be very, very rewarding. I’ve known quite a few people who financed themselves through college or a graduate degree by escorting or massage work, as well as the ones who saved enough money to buy a house or finance their startup. I also know a number of others who went off to other, non-adult work (some with advanced degrees and a lot of success in the new ventures), only to return, even if part-time, after a few years - because they missed it. YMMV

While people I’ve known in the escort biz come from all kinds of backgrounds, one thing I noticed that’s true for everyone is that people whose friends, families, husbands and/or so’s know what they’re doing and support them in a healthy way, are the ones who are the happiest and most successful.

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